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So, everyone on planet Earth has heard of Marie Kondo and her super organizational skills. She currently has a series on Netflix, called Tidying Up and she has authored a couple of books all about being organized. If you’re like me, you think that kind of shit is weird and boring. My husband and I decided one night to check out her show. Yup, I made it half way through and said that shit was whack. Marie believes that the things around you should spark joy in your life. For example, she has her clients hold a clothing item they own and ask them if it sparks joy. If it doesn’t, you get rid of it. I’m not with that shit at all but I will say some of my friends have found her organizational skills helpful and yay good for them. I’ll just keep all my clutter and live my “Marie Kondo” free fat girl life. However, if you apply some of Marie’s methods to your social media that shit makes a lot of sense. Look, ask yourself the next time you’re scrolling through Facebook if you really interact with each person on your friends’ list or better yet take time to start reading the posts that people make. There are people on my social media pages that I literally never “like” their posts and they never “like” mine. Then why the fuck are we Facebook friends??? Then there are the people who constantly complain about every little fucking thing in life from the weather to the pus-filled pimple on their back. Like why do I need to be held facbook hostage while you narrate why your life sucks? How about the bitch from high school who made every day of your high life the equivalent of a period cramp? Bitch I still hate your ass and seeing pictures of your big-headed kid and cheating husband simply doesn’t spark joy in my life. Why am I chaining myself to these people via social media? I truly believe it’s the fear that once we delete someone from our friend’s list, that an alarm will go off and everyone will know what we did and question us on it. First, that won’t happen and what if it fucking did? We have the right to pick whose life stories and pictures we want to see every day. There are some people who are boring, toxic, dramatic, and so on and so on and we don’t have to be their friends in real life nor on social media. Go through your social media accounts and get rid of the folks that literally make your ass itch every time you see one of their post. Just tell yourself, that mutafucka doesn’t spark joy in my life.

Keisha 💋

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