What to add to your Netflix watch list

Over the weekend, I was honored to have a truly invasive, painful, and rude lupus flare up which lead to 2 1/2 days in bed. Totally boring! What a better time to pick up a new show on Netflix. With a quick look at what Netflix recommended for me, I was immediately taken to NYC and met Joe (played by the super hot Penn Badgley). Joe Goldberg is a lonely and secretive book store clerk (think the bookstore from The Neverending Story) and yeah that’s where Joe works. On an average New York day, in walks the future object of Joe’s obsession Guinevere Beck who goes by her last name. Every time someone said her name “Beck” I could literally here the intro to the song “I’m a Loser” by the musician Beck 🤷🏿‍♀️ Anywho…Joe is instantly intrigued by the student/yoga instructor/aspiring writer! Like any normal guy, Joe looks Beck up (using the name from her receipt from her purchase at the bookstore) on the internet and is surprised to see that Beck is a total open book. Long story short, Joe dives head first into Beck’s crazy world filled with brokeness, daddy issues, high sex drive, and snobby self absorbed friends. Truth be told, I can’t stand the character of Beck…I find her super fucking annoying in every way. I won’t include any spoilers because I really want you all to watch this show, but if you’re looking for a show that’s on the edge of reality and obsession this is the show for you. There’s love, sex, drugs, death, fights, and oh did I mention Penn Badgley and his bedroom eyes is the star of the series 😍 This is a must add to your Netflix watch list!

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