Aquaman redeems DC

It’s tradition for me to go to the movies just about every Thanksgiving or Christmas evening. Let’s face it, after you’ve eaten yourself damn near into a diabetic state, opened gifts, heard all the family drama, and eaten again things can get kinda boring. Christmas 2018 lead the hubs, my bff, and myself to DC comics latest movie Aquaman starring Jason Momoa, Amber Heard (yeah they chick that was married to Johnny Depp), Patrick Wilson, and Nicole Kidman! First, let me state that after that train-wreck The Justice League (snore fest) DC totally redeemed themselves with Aquaman. If you’re not familiar with the story here’s the speed version: Princess of Atlantis (played by Kidman) flees her underwater nation to evade an arranged marriage, gets rescued by a lighthouse keeper, falls in love, has a kid who for some odd reason they name Arthur, and then has to return to her home in order to keep Arthur and his dad safe! The End! Well to be fair Kidman has another kid who wants to take over all of Atlantis BUT Aquaman threatens his plans because he too is in line to rule Atlantis. So now Aquaman as he’s been named by “mankind” has to save both Earth and Atlantis. In true DC fashion there’s lots of corny moments BUT lots of beautifully choreographed fight scenes and DC’s visualization of Atlantis is mesmerizing! There’s not much to the storyline because truth be told it’s the same story we’ve heard time and time again, but Momoa is charming, funny, HOTT, wet, and did I mention HOTT! Kidman along with Dolph Lundgren, and Willem DeFoe do stellar acting for their half ass developed characters. Here’s the honest truth, if you’re looking for adventure, HOTT bodies, and a few funny lines then Aquaman is perfect. However, DC still isn’t even close to being in the same realm of movies as Marvel. Marvel has perfected the art of comic book based films. Their writing is in a league of its own and DC can’t compete case in point The Justice League! I highly recommend Aquaman as a feel good family movie that you literally can miss 30 minutes of and not miss anything PLUS well there’s Jason Momoa. Reason enough right there.

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