You can’t fix toxic people

In today’s society, we hear the term “toxic” almost daily. Remember when “toxic” referred to dangerous chemicals that you should stay away from or you would read “toxic” on the warning side of a label? The sad truth is that toxic people are just as dangerous and deadly as harmful chemicals. I’m personally dealing with a few toxic people in my life. To be fair neither of these people play a large role in my life, but I still have to deal with them and their fuckery due to commitments I’ve made. Before I go on, let’s explore the characteristics of toxic people. Mind you there’s a HUGE difference between someone who is a bitch or an asshole. Trust me I’m both, but I’m loyal and loving. Toxic people are only loyal and loving to themselves.

Characteristics of toxic people:

1. Master manipulators: their goal is to ALWAYS get others to do what they want them to do. They want things their way and will wiggle, shake, lie, and steal to get it. Often they convince you that what they are doing is to benefit you, but trust me that is manipulation 101 and total bullshit.

2. Never take responsibility for what they do: toxic people can literally grab an axe, swing it, and chop your leg off and still point the finger at everyone else in the room and remove all responsibility from them even though they’re still standing their with the bloody axe in their hand.

3. What does apologizing mean: toxic people have no clue what apologizing means because in their polluted heads they never do anything wrong. Fault will always rest on others. They would rather choke and die than apologize.

4. They are judgmental as FUCK: they are classic know it alls therefore they see wrongness in everything you do because they didn’t do it. Before you can even get 2 words out, they are criticizing you. You can do nothing right and they can do no wrong.

5. They live and breathe inconsistency: reason being is they are constantly switching things up (perspective…attitude…voice…words) in an attempt to get what they want. Often they can’t even keep up with their own lies.

6. They don’t care about you, they’re not interested in you, and they don’t support you: when you succeed it takes attention away from them and that’s a no no to them. Attention must be on them at all times. Once you are in the spotlight, it kills them. Their mission will be to steal your moment even if that means lying on you or disrespecting you. They don’t mind doing either.

Does this remind you of anyone in your life. A parent? A friend? A partner? A coworker?

Here’s the kicker about TP (I’m tired of typing out toxic people) they are forever the victim and will make you want to help them out. No matter what you do to help them or solve their issues, the next crisis will be there in record time. They create their own drama…issues…problems you name it they are the blame but in true TP fashion it’s NEVER their fault. You can’t help them nor fix them. The enemy rest inside them.

Trust me they will deplete you. Time spent with a TP is draining to your soul because they constantly take take and take. Often they are able to charm you with their narcissistic ways and convince you that they are all about you and helping you and having you join their plight will benefit you. They over talk you…correct you…dismiss your ideas…take credit for your work!!!

Beware that they WILL invade your space (home…work…friendships…clubs) and make YOU the outsider!

We will always have to deal with these types of people but they don’t have to be part of our lives. They will bring no value to your life at all. FUCK them and keep them at a distance!

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