RHOP reunion part 1

Last night was part 1 of The #rhop season reunion. The season zoomed by! I’ll say this, none of the ladies nor their dresses wowed me last night…they were ill fitted dresses and shoes that didn’t match (yeah im talking about #candiacedillard)! #gizellebryant looked fantastic but her dress was truly a stunner only from the back! #andycohen and the cast discussed a few season highlights with much of the recap being about the 3 stooges #karenhuger #moniquesamuels and #candiacedillard Now Andy was right on the money for calling out Monique for all her lies and accusations especially in regards to #robyndixon and #ashleydarby Yes, Monique if you’re drinking martinis and then get into a wreck, most people will question rather or not you have a drinking problem especially since you had a drink with you in every scene this season! When Andy asked Candiace what percentage of the resturant did her finance own and she couldn’t/wouldn’t answer, my big mouth hit the floor. He’s broke…it’s obvious to the viewers so why keep fronting! Now, Mrs. Huger was truly in the hot seat last night with her dumb sidekicks right beside her. The #greeneyedbandits reminded her of how fake and untruthful her behavior has been and with Andy co-signing, Karen had a “breakdown” and left the stage. Now I’ll say this, between the tax issues, her parents dying, and trying to keep up with her own lies, she was probably due for a breakdown. To no surprise, @gizellebryant was the only one who got up and went backstage to see about Karen which wasn’t a surprise to me. Gizelle keeps it 💯 Now next week I think things are really gonna get deep when the the men join the reunion!!! Side note: why does Michael always look like he’s about to cry…everyone but Ashley knows you had a vasectomy homie #rhop #bravo #reunion #thelibraloungewithkeisha #prettyandpetty #potomac

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