Your Host


Ra’keisha Holman-Owens, the host of the Libra Lounge With Keisha radio show is well known for her sassy attitude, her compassion for people, and skill as a verbal samurai.

The Start

Ra’Keisha was born in Houston on Oct 21, 1979.  She attended St. Philip Neri Catholic School until junior high, then moved to Dickinson, TX.  She graduated from Dickinson High School in 1997 with honor student grades and a cheerleader’s spirit.  She then got her degree in social work and set off helping at-risk children.  She worked for Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol, Moody Gardens, and finally Communities in Schools.  Everywhere she went she focused on helping children in many ways, including financial and child welfare aid.  She also coordinated relief efforts such as food and clothing drives as well as coordinating career days and other child positive events.

The Struggle

In 2015, Keisha was suddenly diagnosed with both Lupus and Type I and II diabetes.  She spent the next 2 years re-shaping her entire life according to those issues.  She had to stop the work she loved so much, change her lifestyle and re-evaluate many things about a happy life.  After making a number of changes, the diabetes was able to be resolved and she continues to manage her Lupus in the best ways that she can.

The Rise

Keisha, not to be defeated by anything, then got the entrepreneur bug and started two businesses, “Before the Cake Events” and “Sassy Class Teacher and Spirit Boutique”.  “Before the Cake Events” focuses on full service event planning and execution, including weddings, graduations, corporate and general social events.  “Sassy Class” focuses on designing products for teachers and students to show their spirit , including clothing, teaching accessories and classroom items.  On top of that, “Sassy Class” also provides custom design and delivery services for apparel and gifts.  And now, she has added a radio show to her empire.

The Radio

The Libra Lounge with Keisha radio show is the perfect platform for Keisha to share her views, opinions and attitude on any and all topics.  As with everything in her life, she brings a nice mix of class and crass to create an informative and entertaining talk show.  You can watch, listen and enjoy a unique and entertaining perspective on life, family, relationships, and social topics.  As Keisha will say herself, “I’m passionately, lovingly, head in the clouds, roller coaster of a ride!”.