Worst baby names 2018

According to #betches author Carrie Betchshaw, these are the worst baby names for 2018!

1. Nora: okay this sounds like a lunch lady from the 60’s name

2. Aurora: which happens to rhyme with Nora is easily one of the hardest names to pronounce correctly. Just name her Sleeping Beauty instead…hard to fuck that up

3. Nova: this name just sounds like a thing…like a thing you point at or if your mom stars on #teenmom then this is probably your name

4. Niamey: sounds like a spice you use to make Americanized Indian food

5. Mason: sounds like the name of a person who eats their lunch from foil

6. Sebastian: it will take your child til 5th grade to be able to spell this name correctly

7. Jaxon: an attempt to make the name Jackson not sound like a pet’s name…it still does

8. Mateo: sounds like the lead character in a telenovela

Nope, I didn’t pic the names on this list but I surely added my snarky take on each! Hey, I can’t say much…I’m a Ra’Keisha 😩 Just remember when picking out a name, the kids at school will pick on your kid not you for their moniker! #thelibraloungewithkeisha #worstbabynames2018 #babynames #betches #prettyandpetty

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