Wally World is at it again

#Walmart has decided to removed #cosomopolitanmagazine from the checkout aisles of its 5,000 #american stores. The reason you may ask, is because according to #Walmart, the magazine’s covers and content are hyper-sexualized!!! WTF! They also stated that #cosmo tricks young girls by putting former #Disney stars on the cover which leads to articles about pleasing a man, drinking, anal sex, and risky sexual behavior! The store will continue to sell the magazine, book it will not be on the checkout aisle exposed to kids. First of all, checkout lines should cater to people who can pay ie ADULTS! Secondly, kids can’t fucking comprehend that shit on the cover, and lastly Walmart is straight up full of green shit. Focus on paying your employees better and leave the checkout line for magazines, gum, and starburst! Walmart you get a #bitchplease from TLL #thelibraloungewithkeisha #petty #butwhytho #icant

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