Sharp Objects

If you’re looking for a great summer read, you MUST put Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn on your list. There’s so much a I want to say about this insane ride but I don’t want to spoil it. Basically, it’s the story of a newspaper reporter named Camille who is forced to face her estranged relationship with her seemingly perfect mother while covering a story about the murder of a little girl from her small town as well as the disappearance of another. During her return to the small town she grew up in, Camille has to face her past demons, she develops a relationship with her teenage half sister Amma, and tries her best to help the local police solve these crimes. You can finish this book in a day because you won’t be able to put it down, and trust me there will be times where you have to go back and reread a page because the twists in this book are crazy good! Plus, in July HBO will premiere an 8 episode series about the book starring Amy Adams! Enjoy! #sharpobjects #hbo #gillianflynn #thelibraloungebookclub #thelibraloungewithkeisha

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