New book club read

As promised, here’s the latest book recommendation from me! “The Woman in the Window” by AJ Finn! This book will totally have you tripping. Anna is a psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia! Her agoraphobia is triggered by an accident. To pass the time, Anna spends a lot of hours watching old thriller movies (many references are made which is confusing at times), drinking heavily, self medicating, and spying on her neighbors! It’s when a new family moves in, things start getting weird! This is a true page turner…there are times that you truly feel like you’re right there trapped in a tangle of confusion with Anna! If you like a good thriller, this is a must read! #thelibraloungewithkeisha #libraloungebookclub #pettygirlsrradbookstoo #thewomaninthewindow #ilovebooks

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