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As the owner of an event planning business, I’m often asked what the latest trends are that I dig and what trends I’m not a fan of!

1. On the top of my LOVE list are pet birthday parties! Most people don’t understand these, but since lots of people are opting to have pets together before venturing out into parenthood why not celebrate your loyal companions birthday?!? Furthermore, have you ever seen anything happier than a dog having The Birthday Song sang to them and being served cake? It is the picture of true happiness!

2. I still love the tradition of celebrating a teen turning 16 as well as throwing parties for turning 30, 40, and 50! These are all huge milestones and very traditional! They also force you to stop, and think about all that you’ve accomplished over the years.

3. At the top of my “I just don’t get it” list are the gender reveal parties. Unless there’s a possibility that you’re carrying a dolphin or a panda, I think everyone is cool with the knowledge you’ll be having a girl or a boy! Stick with the baby shower and keep it moving. Now the exception to this rule is if you’ve had multiple pregnancies. It goes against etiquette to have a baby shower past baby #2! It’s a BIG no no and goes against basic party throwing rules. If this is the case, having a gender reveal is kinda okay!

4. I don’t get it and I refuse to try! These vagina parties in celebration of giving birth. The last thing you want to think about while eating cake and drinking punch is labor and after birth! Tacky to the core!

5. I always remind people who are willing to cash in their 401K for their kid’s first birthday party, they won’t remember the event and 9 times out of 10 they will cry throughout the whole gathering! Use that money to start a college fund instead or use it towards their 4th or 5th birthday party when they are old enough to enjoy it and not be blowing snot bubbles the entire time.

At the end of the day, celebrate how you please BUT be prepared for folks to whisper behind your back if you go against celebration etiquette rules! To find out how to throw a party that everyone will enjoy, go to

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