Nice is a place in France

I started reading “Nice is a place in France” by the chicks from because I think they are a riot. There’s nothing like women who don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to poke fun of themselves.

I’m still on the fence about this one. If you think this is a “how to book” then STAWPPPP right now because it’s NOT. Technically it is a guide to living this fabulous yet “betchy” life but it’s really a cross of Mean Girls, Friends, and Legally Blonde with an overdose of bitchiness. Here are their general rules to being a successful woman: Don’t be poor, Don’t be fat, Don’t be ugly, and be petty and bitchy! There are plenty of LOL moments in the book because the writers are so real in their obliviousness that it’s laughable. Look, if you’re needing an easy funny read then grab it the next time you’re at Barnes and Nobles but be prepared for plenty of f-bombs, drug references, alcohol being the solution to all, and please be able to embrace total pettiness.

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